Our packing


On the packaging, we choose different packaging methods according to the different shape and electrical characteristics of the products. These include:

Paper chess case packaging, can withstand the large volume of heavy products. Fixed products to the maximum extent, so that each product separate, avoid long distance transport caused by the collision.

EPE film binding package can be used for small size and light weight products. The lead pin is fixed to EPE film to prevent collision caused by long distance transportation. The quantity of each box can be maximized within the allowable range.

PET blister box packaging, suitable for more fragile products, blister box packaging, for long distance transportation play a good role in the bump.

PE nine-foot grid plastic tray, suitable for sea, air, land transportation, etc., can be shipped to the home and abroad. The length and width are 120cm*80cm, and the maximum load is 500kg.

No fumigation wooden case/wooden pallet, suitable for special requirements of exporting countries/customers, many sizes can be customized.